Usage & ergonomics

The YIPPY is more than just your usual high chair - its innovative and particularly adaptable design not only offers comfort, but also ensures maximum safety for your child, giving them an ergonomic seat at all times.

We pay special attention to the ergonomics of our products

Why is an ergonomic sitting position so important, especially for children? A child's spine is continuously developing, and the muscles used for posture also undergo strong development during early childhood. To ensure that your child’s development goes as it should and avoid long-term postural damage, you should pay particular attention to ensuring that your child always has an ergonomic sitting position.

The curved backrest of the YIPPY allows your child to sit in a natural position that’s fully supported, without putting too much strain on the spine. The adjustable seat and foot boards can be moved to match the height of the individual child, ensuring a consistently ergonomic sitting position. This way, your child can sit comfortably at a standard table height of 72 to 76 cm, with an elbow angle of approx. 90 degrees. When placed in the right position, the footrest also helps your child to keep their balance, providing optimum support for the back and legs.

The right accessories for your YIPPY

The newborn set, available as an optional extra for the highchair, is especially comfortable and ergonomic for your child's back and legs thanks to the padded pod attachment. The 5-point harness system which comes as part of the newborn set is adjustable and can be individually adapted to the size of your child for maximum safety.

When your child starts to sit unaided, you can use your YIPPY in combination with the starter set instead. The high backrest ensures particularly stable support when sitting. For maximum safety, you can use the harness system that is available as an optional extra with the starter set.

Safety instructions

The floor gliders included with the high chair can be easily attached to the rear legs of the YIPPY and remain firmly attached to the high chair even during transport. When using the YIPPY high chair, we recommend always attaching the floor gliders to the chair. The stable floor gliders provide additional protection against tipping and thus increase the safety of the high chair.

General care instructions

Whether playing or eating, children are bound to spill. To keep the YIPPY high chair clean despite the mess they’ll make, you can wipe it over with a clean, damp cloth and then use a dry cloth to wipe it dry. However, you should not use any polishes or solvents, as these can damage the wood or the varnish of the high chair.

You can also wipe the plastic parts of the accessories with a damp cloth and dry them afterwards. The cushions and upholstery can be hand washed or washed in cold water. You will find detailed instructions on the items’ washing labels.

You can find more information about your YIPPY high chair in the user manual.